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  • When should I book my paddle board Lessons ?
    Make your reservation as soon as you can choose a date. We are a small business so we fill up very quickly. Whale season and the holidays is the busiest time of year . (December to April) Don't miss out, book early, this is once in a life time paddle board adventure on Maui.
  • When is the best time to do paddle boarding lesson ?
    Best time 7.15AM. The earlier the better due to wind and sun. 2nd Best 9.15AM. The early times are usually best due to weather conditions but some days the wind is low. The earlier you go the better chance of it being like glass and sometimes it makes for easier paddling due to no resistants in the ocean.
  • What is the best tour for a beginner?
    Our paddle board lesson out of Makena and Kaanapali are the best for beginners the calm waters of these 2 locations make it easier to learn the basics of paddle boarding. All of our stand up paddle tours are private tours. Its more personal and we get to share more deeply. ''2 person min 10 person Max''
  • Why is Maui the best place to learn how to paddle board?
    Maui is the best place to learn how to paddle board because we have the ideal conditions for all guest coming to Maui. The easy beginner coves of makena beach make it super easy and fun. We have Intermediate paddle board locations at Olowalu and lahaina. Advanced paddle board locations for the pros downwinders on north shore. *During whale season you can paddle out to see the whales from about 100 feet keeping our distance we can enjoy natures most amazing show, no tv needed. "Maui No Ka Oi"
  • When is whale season ?
    Starting on December 1st and finishing April 30th.
  • Do you supply the paddle board gear for the day ?
    Yes. We Supply Paddle Boards. Paddles. Video camera (Go pro Footage). Reef Safe Sunscreen. Snack granola bar and piece of fruit. Professional paddle board guides.
  • What is not included with stand up paddle tour ?
    We don't supply ! Transportation to the Location (Can be organised at a fee from $50 up) Snorkel Rental Board Shorts Swimwear Towel
  • What do I need to bring to the sup tour?
    - Bikini - Bathing suit or board shorts for men - Big Smile - Towel - Water bottle (clean drinking water)
  • Are the sharks ?
    - Yes. - This is an ocean and this is where they live. - I would not take you on a tour if I thought you were not safe. - We wouldn't GO on a tour if I didn’t think we were safe either! - We will be with you every paddle of the way. You are safe. - We can Supply Shark Bands that use magnets to keep the shark away if it comes close, but we have never needed them. - We always have a couple with us while paddling, - Sharks play a important role in the ecosystem usually hunting the injured or old fish that need to be removed from the reef.
  • Will I see a Shark ?
    - 99.9% of the time no. - Sharks a hunters and don't really like to be seen. - Sharks prefer hunting in murky waters and darkness - That's why its important to always go when there is daylight.
  • What if I get motion sickness ?
    -Be proactive, Prepare before you get here. -Maui is small so better to organise before you get here or.. -Please visit you pharmacy here on island or at home and sea if you can get Bonine its a motion sickness medicine that doesn't leave you feeling drowsy in the ocean. -Ginger Drops also help which can be found at natural food stores (Mana Foods) Paia. -Seasick bands can be purchased online at Amazon or local Pharmacy.
  • Benefits of paddle boarding!
    Gets you on your feet and into the water which has negative ions. Helps strengthen you core and gives you better balance. Reduces your stress levels by getting the heart pumping. Its a full body workout Its a low impact sport It can help you lose weight Boost you cardiovascular system so you can live longer. Offers you the optimal environment for meditation which we know is medication.
  • Do you rent stand up paddle boards ?
    We rent stand up paddle boards on maui from Wailea to Kaanapali. If you give us 12 hours notice we can organise a drop off and pick up for the same day. Rent paddle boards on Maui today.
  • Is stand up paddle boarding hard?
    With the right instructor it can make your stand up paddle board experience better. We recommend taking a lesson to start, so you can learn the right technique and safety in the ocean. We want you to be safe and feel confident in the ocean when you are paddle boarding on Maui.
  • Where are the best places in the world to Stand up paddle Board?
    The best places to stand up paddle board are: - Hawaii 1 Maui 2 Kauai 3 Oahu - Portugal - Australia - Florida , Weeki Wachee paddle boarding - California, Paddle board Newport beach - Missouri , Creve coeur lake paddle boarding - Colarado , Union Reservoir
  • Do you have a shop ?
    No, we organise paddle board tours and go directly to the beach site for the day bringing everything we need.

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