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Paddle Boarding Maui 

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We Offer The Best Paddle Boarding Tours On Maui!


Experience breath taking views and get ready to spot turtles, dolphins, whales, beautiful fish and exotic coral. Every tour is unique and filled with unforgettable encounters with Maui’s marine life. 

Our instructors will guide you in the ocean and help you understand weather conditions, so you can stay safe and have so much fun. Our guides are professionally trained watermen and women and CPR/ First Aid Certified.                                                    

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Experience our paddle board lessons today! 

feel safe and confident exploring Maui's pristine coastline.


Paddle Board


2hr $149

Our lessons are the perfect way to learn how to stand up paddle board on Maui!

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Paddle Board


2hr $159

Paddle boarding on Maui is the best way to explore this pristine coast...


Paddle Board Rentals

2hr $65

Explore Maui from a different perspective!


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